Add Curb Appeal with these Exterior Home Colors

Add Curb Appeal with these Exterior Home Colors

Did you know that the exterior color of your home impacts the curb appeal and appearance? If you didn’t know this tidbit, now you do and may want to re-evaluate your exterior home color choice.

White is oftentimes a popular home exterior color. Shades of white are various, enabling homeowners to get something that is unique to their neighbor should they want to go with the traditional white color on the exterior of the home. However, many homeowners want more ambiance than white can offer and are now opting for bolder, brighter colors. The truth is, the brighter, lighter the color, the more curb appeal it will add to your home.

Bucket with paint roller and brush on the wooden floor

Popular Exterior Home Color Choices

Gray is a popular choice for the exterior of a home. Ther are various shades of gray; stay on the lighter side of things to keep up with trends and add appeal to your look. Choosing gray for the exterior home color enables you to enhance the appeal of your lawn with good landscaping thrown in the mix.

Light blue is yet another popular choice of paint for the outside of the home.  Like the other color choices, there are many shades of blue. It is important to talk to a professional to help you select the perfect shade of blue. Don’t try to pick your color alone. The wrong shade of blue can really ruin things at your home.

Don’t Forget the Color of the Trim

No matter what color you choose for the outside of your home, the trim is equally important to consider. The trim color should blend well with the exterior paint color, but keep in mind that the trim provides you the chance to really shine brightly. Some homeowners are bold and daring and choose a red trim color. Some choose the relaxing hues of blue or opt for a unique shade of green. It is up to you as to the right color for your trim but make sure that it enhances the overall appearance of your home.

Stay up with the Latest Trends

Keep up with exterior home color trends because they change often as new and exciting colors are being developed. When you keep up with the trends, you can ensure that your home is always one of the most appealing on the block! Although white might be the traditional exterior home color, times are changing and so are the colors that homeowners desire for their home. Keep your options open!

Add Value & Charm to your Home

Adding curb appeal to your home is easy to do with the right paint color plastered across your place. The color choices listed above are just a few of the many popular choices that homeowners are using to help their home stand out from the rest. Which of these colors do you like the most? One thing is for sure. When you use one of these colors on the home exterior, you cannot go wrong!

Is it Time for New Windows?

Is it Time for New Windows?

It is pretty amazing that the windows on your home have such an impact in the overall appearance and appeal of your place, but the fact is, they’re extremely important. The addition of new windows can instantly add intrigue to an older home and cause a great interest in a usually overlooked place.

Although many homeowners wish to improve the appearance of their home with new windows, there are tons of additional reasons why the need for new windows may become necessary in your life. Take a look at some of the most common reasons for the installation of new windows.


If you put your hand to the window, there shouldn’t be any kind of wind blowing in. if you feel wind against your hand, it means that you have a draft and that your windows are not secure. Not only are you letting heat and air out, causing a fluctuation of your energy costs, you’re also causing moisture build-up, inadequate air quality, and a host of additional problems.

Age of the Windows

Today’s windows have vastly changed since the 1980s and early 1990s. there are far more options, and higher-quality windows available. If your windows have been on your home for a period of 20 or more years, there is a good chance that you are missing out on some of the modern features and benefits of new windows. Talk to a specialist about your options.


If your windows are not in the best of shape and have cracks in them, the value of your home is certainly decreased. This is especially important for anyone that might be considering the sale of their home in the years ahead. Cracks are a sign of the need for window replacement.

The Cost of New Windows

The type of windows selected, the number of windows, the time of the year, and the company selected for installation are among the most common factors used to determine the cost of your new windows. If you’re like most homeowners and want to secure the best price on the cost of your new windows, the task is easily completed by requesting estimates (available from most companies at no cost) and comparing rates with three to four companies.

Windows Won’t Open

Older windows are oftentimes painted shut by landlords and homeowners in search of a quick fix. If the windows in your home have been permanently sealed with paint or other substances, it is time to call a professional and get new windows that you can open. You’ll prevent moisture and humidity problems with windows that open, and can better enjoy the cool breeze of the weather all year long.

Final Thoughts

If you need new windows, calling a professional and getting the job done sooner rather than later is only beneficial to your life. The cost of the new windows is minuscule when compared to the amazing benefits that you’ll receive.

Easy & Affordable Kitchen Upgrades

Easy & Affordable Kitchen Upgrades

Oftentimes upgrades are made to the kitchen due to damage or necessary repairs, however, many homeowners simply desire the change of atmosphere and decide to update their kitchen. Nowadays it is easier than ever to upgrade the kitchen, thanks to the many affordable, easy methods of creating a fresh look without going overboard.

Improve the Lighting

A simple change in lighting can create an entirely new ambiance in your kitchen. Natural lighting is best, so look for ways to allow as much sunlight in as possible. For night time lighting, choose overhead hanging lights which are both cost effective and efficient in providing ample lighting.

Kitchen Island

The kitchen island is a versatile place that you can get things done. It adds space for preparing meals, storage, and decorative purposes. Take full advantage of the utility offered by the kitchen island. If you’ve not already got an island, do your research. The islands are far more reasonably priced than what you might imagine.

Decorative Faucets

Those boring, plain faucets are a thing of the past. For just a little bit of cash, you can easily add a stylish, decorative faucet to the kitchen and add a charming, upgraded look that can add sophistication to any kitchen space.

Open Shelves

Cabinet upgrades are expensive, not to mention a major home improvement that many homeowners simply cannot afford or don’t have time for. Open shelves are an excellent alternative, providing ample space for storage of just about anything that you could imagine. Even better, the shelves are easy to decorate in any style or design that you choose.

Interior of modern kitchen

DIY Decorative Touches

Don’t forget that you can do so much to enhance the appearance of your kitchen with fun and easy DIY upgrades and additions. Pick your theme and let the fun begin! With just a bit of creativity, inspiration, and materials, that awesome kitchen filled with your wonderful DIY creations is just around the corner.

A Few Tips

Upgrading the kitchen is exciting, but do plan ahead because it is easy to spend a ton of money quickly if you’re not prepared. Remember that no upgrade is worthwhile if it is not something that you like or that will come in useful in your home. And also remember that energy efficiency is one of the most important upgrades that you can make. If upgrading appliances, always look for the Energy Star sign!

Final Thoughts

Who says that upgrading your kitchen has to cost an arm and a leg? With the ideas and options listed above, it is easy to get the kitchen that you love, even when you have a strict budget in place. Are you ready to change the entire look and feel of your kitchen? Now it is possible, and it is easy to do.

Don’t Forget the Roof when Considering Home Improvement Projects

Don’t Forget the Roof when Considering Home Improvement Projects

The roof is one of the most important pieces of your home, yet it is so often overlooked when home improvement projects are taking place. Sadly, the result is oftentimes expensive replacements far sooner than you would have expected. To keep your roof in prime condition and providing you with durability for a long time ahead, don’t forget the roof!

On an annual basis, hire a roofing contractor to come to your home for a roof inspection. The cost for this service is minimal, but offers tremendous rewards since the professional can detect any problems early and get them repaired before any major issues occur. Hiring a professional now may make the difference between repairing your roof and replacing it.

3D rendering of a house with garage on top of blueprints

The cost of most roof repairs are minimal, with the actual cost dependent upon the issue at hand. The cost of a roof, on the other hand, is generally a minimum of a few thousand dollars. Do you really have this kind of money to play around with when something as simple as making a call today can prevent this dread?

Is your Roof really as Good as it Seems?

Sure, your roof may be appear to be perfectly fine from the ground below, but up close and personal, things may take on an entirely new look. A roofing contractor can get this close encounter and discover any problems lurking.

Weather elements oftentimes cause the most damage to a roof. Rain, snow, hail, etc. all take their toll on a roof over time. Just one ball of hail or snow on the roof is enough to damage it as well. If it’s been many years since you’ve had someone inspect the roof, there’s also a good chance there are a few repairs that you could use. Age always causes wear and tear, so do keep this in mind.

Signs of Roof Trouble

Signs that you could have a problem with your roof include:

  • Yellow stains on the ceiling inside of your home
  • Leaking in the attic
  • Cracked shingles
  • Blistering paint
  • Uncomfortable temperatures inside of the home
  • Above average energy bills
  • Age of the roof

Don’t Forget the Roof

You want to keep your home beautiful and in the best condition for as many years ahead as you possibly can. The best way to minimize those calls to a roof repair company and the need for a roof replacement is to hire a roofing contractor for annual inspections. While the roof is built to be strong, durable, and to withstand a variety of elements, there are many problems that you can experience along the way. As long as you take care of these problems quickly, you won’t have any worries later.




Qualities of a Wonderful Home Improvement Company

Qualities of a Wonderful Home Improvement Company

Whether it is time to update the kitchen or add new flooring or otherwise improve the space that you live in, an awesome company is needed to tackle the job. There is no shortage of home improvement companies in the area but you won’t get the same service from each of these companies. Rather than take chances with something as important as home improvement, take the time to find a worthwhile home improvement company.


A wonderful home improvement company is one that meets the following qualities:

  • Licensed: Never risk saving a few bucks to hire an unlicensed home improvement company. A license is a must; also ensure liability insurance is in place as well. These two things keep you safe and protected before, doing, and after the job.
  • Better Business Bureau: The BBB offers businesses letter grades of their performance. Companies have the option to register with the BBB Or not. A company that is registered is one that you can trust.
  • Quotes: Any respectable home improvement company will provide no cost estimates to you upon request. Use them to compare prices with several companies in the area in order to get the best rates for the job. Prices should be competitive. Remember that the company with the highest prices isn’t an automatic sign of the best company and the lowest price isn’t an indication of the worst company. It is up to you to learn the truth of the matter before you hire.
  • Guarantees; Guarantees and/ or warranties are also important. Make sure that you hire a company that offers them, just in case something goes wrong a short time down the road. A company that offers a guarantee with their services is a company that is confident in the work they do. Why would you hire anyone that wasn’t?
  • Reputation: A good home improvement company is also going to have a good reputation in the community. Ask family and friends to refer you to a good company, and put the Internet to work to find the information on the company that can make or break the deal.
  • Experienced: Only hire a qualified contractor to perform home improvement services on your home. The more experience the better! Always search for a contractor that has a few years of experience underneath his belt.
  • Services: The company selected for your work should offer a versatile selection of services. The last thing that you want to do is go back and forth with two or more companies to get the job done. When you choose a company with a versatile service selection this isn’t a worry.

Bathroom Design Tips

Of the rooms inside of the house, many homeowners agree that the bathroom is one of the best for home improvements. There are just so many ideas and possibilities that you can bring to life in the bathroom. This applies even to homeowners that are on a limited budget. But those endless possibilities are going to happen only when you have the right tips up your sleeve. Take a look at these awesome bathroom design tips below and put them to good use when it is time for your next project. You’ll be glad that you did!


First and foremost, do not rush into anything. You are certainly eager for the renovations and the improvements to take place, but if you slow down a bit, then your project is going to go much smoother and you can always ensure that you get exactly what you want when you redesign your bathroom. Be sure that as you are planning, you create a budget for the job. A budget enables you to stick to a set amount of money so not to get yourself into debt as you remodel the bathroom.

One of the most important things to keep in mind when remodeling the bathroom is what you like and what you want. It is a good idea to choose a theme for the bathroom and stick to that theme. There are tons of ideas! Base the decision on what you like.

When remodeling, consider storage. So often it is a lack of storage that has homeowners complaining, but it doesn’t have to be this way. There are many ways to  increase the storage space that is available in your bathroom, even if it is small. The key is to put your creativity to work.
 When hiring a remodeler, make sure that you hire only someone with a license and insurance. This gives you peace of mind in the work, but it also keeps you projected should something go wrong during the project. You can request free estimates from any comment out there and this is a good idea as well, since it allows you to reduce costs. Again, as we mentioned, you do not want to rush and this is yet another reason to avoid that decision!

With these bathroom remodeling tips, creating an appealing and astonishing bathroom that you and everyone in the family will love is so simple. Don’t miss out on that special bathroom that you have pictured in your head.


How to Create a more Restful Bedroom

A great deal of time is spent inside of the bedroom. Although much of this time is spent curled up inside of the bed asleep, the bedroom is also a room that is used for rest, relaxation and to regain the peace of mind that you need. Creating a restful, relaxing bedroom atmosphere ensures that you are able to enjoy this special room in your home without reservation –any time that you would like.

Even on a budget it is easy to renovate and revamp your room, instantly turning it into the haven that you desire. It is the simple things in life that matter the most, especially when it is time to create that breathtaking bedroom. Take a look at these awesome tips for creating that amazing bedroom.


A bed that catches the Eye

Just one word. Pillows. Lots and lots of pillows, with a nice comforter, a couple of cozy blankets, and lots of layers is  so appealing to the eyes and create the mood for rest. Ensure that you choose high-quality pillows to support your neck so you don’t wake up with cramps the following morning.

Add a Sitting Area

For those occasions that you want to read a book or look at a magazine, a sitting area comes in handy. There’s no need to wrinkle and ruffle the bed sheets and you won’t cause your internal clock any confusion.

Get rid of the Clutter

A cluttered room is a sign of a cluttered mind, so it is time to clear them both out. When there is too much stuff in your bedroom, it causes an obstruction of serene space inside of your mind. When you clear out that space, you are also clearing the clutter from the mind and from your life. It is a definite breath of fresh air.

A Refreshing Color Palette

Carefully choose the color palette for your bedroom and enjoy the sweet serenity that comes along with it. Do not use those bold and daring colors in the bedroom (such as dark blue, green, red, etc.) if you want to  create a restful space. Beige, cream and soft whites are ideal. You can always accent the room with bold-colored pillows and accents.

It is all in the Lighting

Natural lighting is always best for a bedroom, so do your best to allow as much of the sunshine inside as you possibly can. It is a good idea to use dimming lighting for the extra light that you need. With this lighting you can gradually reduce the light when it is time to go to bed and won’t get such a shock when it is time to turn the lights out. This results in better sleep for most people!

Time for Rest & Relaxation

Transforming your bedroom into that special place all your own isn’t difficult nor is it expensive. Put the tips above to good use and you’ll have that beautiful bedroom that takes you ‘there!’

The Importance of Siding

The exterior aspect of your house is given by the aspect of the siding. It’s one of the first things you see whenever you get near the house. A good-looking siding is one that kept its original purpose, meaning that it represents the first barrier against the external elements – weather, insects, branches or anything that hits the house.

A good siding will offer you protection and insulation, if there are no breaking points in it. This is very important, because if the siding suffers damage, then the whole house will be affected. Sometimes, under the siding, there is found special insulation. If the siding is affected, the water can get in and cause humidity and even mold. This is not something you want to have in the walls of your house, because it can lead sometimes to health problems, like asthma.

Identify the Problem

simple-Home-Improvement-TipsAt least once per year, you should ask for an evaluation of the house. This can be done by a specialist – a house inspector – who will tell you the exact situation of the premise. If the inspector identifies a problem with the siding, he or she will tell you. In addition, you will get a written report that will contain the exact place where the siding is affected, the type of siding for your house along with some recommendations to improve it or replace it.

You too can observe if the siding is in a bad shape, if you make a visual inspection first before calling the house inspector.

Identify the Material

HIL-02-bannerIf you can, identify the material of the siding. Some constructers used wood, and this comes very handy when you want to change the piece of siding that was affected. If you can’t identify it alone, the house inspector will tell you what was made from.

If you don’t want to call a house inspector, you should find the information about the siding in the plans of the house. The papers will present all the materials that were used for building the house, including the material used for siding.

Find Identical Pieces

When you want to change the damaged part of siding, you need to find matching pieces of siding. There are plenty of storages or deposits where they have what you are looking for. Finding the matching pieces is needed for those times when the cracks can’t be filled with wood putty.

Before buying, make sure you have the right measures for the siding. Buying a smaller quantity will make you loose time and money.


Once you have what you need – the sidings, some tools, some nails, sandpaper and paint – you are ready to change the damaged part of the siding. Remove the part that is broken, clean the peeling paint and start working.

If the siding is made of wood, and there was some part that was broken, make sure the water didn’t get inside the wall. Sometimes, under the paint, the siding can be wet due to water leakage, so you must double check the area for this.


Join the new parts with the old parts and make sure there is no space between them. Clean the peeling paint using some sandpaper. Once the new pieces are in place, fix them with nails, use some sandpaper and make sure everything is smooth. Clean the dust and make sure there is no debris.

Use some primer first, and then you can add one or two layers of paint, depending on the necessity and the color.

The siding needs to be in a perfect condition, because it protects the house against every external factor. Whenever you want to have the perfect protection for what you hold most dear in your house, call for us at Blumax and we’ll offer you perfection!