Add Curb Appeal with these Exterior Home Colors

Add Curb Appeal with these Exterior Home Colors

Did you know that the exterior color of your home impacts the curb appeal and appearance? If you didn’t know this tidbit, now you do and may want to re-evaluate your exterior home color choice.

White is oftentimes a popular home exterior color. Shades of white are various, enabling homeowners to get something that is unique to their neighbor should they want to go with the traditional white color on the exterior of the home. However, many homeowners want more ambiance than white can offer and are now opting for bolder, brighter colors. The truth is, the brighter, lighter the color, the more curb appeal it will add to your home.

Bucket with paint roller and brush on the wooden floor

Popular Exterior Home Color Choices

Gray is a popular choice for the exterior of a home. Ther are various shades of gray; stay on the lighter side of things to keep up with trends and add appeal to your look. Choosing gray for the exterior home color enables you to enhance the appeal of your lawn with good landscaping thrown in the mix.

Light blue is yet another popular choice of paint for the outside of the home.  Like the other color choices, there are many shades of blue. It is important to talk to a professional to help you select the perfect shade of blue. Don’t try to pick your color alone. The wrong shade of blue can really ruin things at your home.

Don’t Forget the Color of the Trim

No matter what color you choose for the outside of your home, the trim is equally important to consider. The trim color should blend well with the exterior paint color, but keep in mind that the trim provides you the chance to really shine brightly. Some homeowners are bold and daring and choose a red trim color. Some choose the relaxing hues of blue or opt for a unique shade of green. It is up to you as to the right color for your trim but make sure that it enhances the overall appearance of your home.

Stay up with the Latest Trends

Keep up with exterior home color trends because they change often as new and exciting colors are being developed. When you keep up with the trends, you can ensure that your home is always one of the most appealing on the block! Although white might be the traditional exterior home color, times are changing and so are the colors that homeowners desire for their home. Keep your options open!

Add Value & Charm to your Home

Adding curb appeal to your home is easy to do with the right paint color plastered across your place. The color choices listed above are just a few of the many popular choices that homeowners are using to help their home stand out from the rest. Which of these colors do you like the most? One thing is for sure. When you use one of these colors on the home exterior, you cannot go wrong!