The Importance of Siding

The exterior aspect of your house is given by the aspect of the siding. It’s one of the first things you see whenever you get near the house. A good-looking siding is one that kept its original purpose, meaning that it represents the first barrier against the external elements – weather, insects, branches or anything that hits the house.

A good siding will offer you protection and insulation, if there are no breaking points in it. This is very important, because if the siding suffers damage, then the whole house will be affected. Sometimes, under the siding, there is found special insulation. If the siding is affected, the water can get in and cause humidity and even mold. This is not something you want to have in the walls of your house, because it can lead sometimes to health problems, like asthma.

Identify the Problem

simple-Home-Improvement-TipsAt least once per year, you should ask for an evaluation of the house. This can be done by a specialist – a house inspector – who will tell you the exact situation of the premise. If the inspector identifies a problem with the siding, he or she will tell you. In addition, you will get a written report that will contain the exact place where the siding is affected, the type of siding for your house along with some recommendations to improve it or replace it.

You too can observe if the siding is in a bad shape, if you make a visual inspection first before calling the house inspector.

Identify the Material

HIL-02-bannerIf you can, identify the material of the siding. Some constructers used wood, and this comes very handy when you want to change the piece of siding that was affected. If you can’t identify it alone, the house inspector will tell you what was made from.

If you don’t want to call a house inspector, you should find the information about the siding in the plans of the house. The papers will present all the materials that were used for building the house, including the material used for siding.

Find Identical Pieces

When you want to change the damaged part of siding, you need to find matching pieces of siding. There are plenty of storages or deposits where they have what you are looking for. Finding the matching pieces is needed for those times when the cracks can’t be filled with wood putty.

Before buying, make sure you have the right measures for the siding. Buying a smaller quantity will make you loose time and money.


Once you have what you need – the sidings, some tools, some nails, sandpaper and paint – you are ready to change the damaged part of the siding. Remove the part that is broken, clean the peeling paint and start working.

If the siding is made of wood, and there was some part that was broken, make sure the water didn’t get inside the wall. Sometimes, under the paint, the siding can be wet due to water leakage, so you must double check the area for this.


Join the new parts with the old parts and make sure there is no space between them. Clean the peeling paint using some sandpaper. Once the new pieces are in place, fix them with nails, use some sandpaper and make sure everything is smooth. Clean the dust and make sure there is no debris.

Use some primer first, and then you can add one or two layers of paint, depending on the necessity and the color.

The siding needs to be in a perfect condition, because it protects the house against every external factor. Whenever you want to have the perfect protection for what you hold most dear in your house, call for us at Blumax and we’ll offer you perfection!